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CPanel: tailwatchd failed

If you get an error from your CPanel server related to tailwatchd failed, such as:

tailwatchd failed @ Sat May 28 20:35:37 2011. A restart was attempted automagically.
Service Check Method: [check command] tailwatchd is not running

you should not worry, please follow the steps below to do the checking.

There isn’t anything to worry, however, you can check the tailwatchd logs for the failure reasons:

# tail -f /usr/local/cpanel/logs/tailwatchd_log

To check the status of the ‘tailwatchd’ service and it’s output, execute

# /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/tailwatchd --status
Driver (Active: 1) Cpanel::TailWatch::ChkServd
tailwatchd is enabled
Running, PID 24463
Driver (Active: 1) Cpanel::TailWatch::cPBandwd
Driver (Active: 1) Cpanel::TailWatch::Antirelayd
Driver (Active: 1) Cpanel::TailWatch::Eximstats

Restart the ‘cpanel’ service once, just to make sure its online

# service cpanel restart

and if you still continue to receive the ‘tailwatchd failed’ emails, update “cPanel” on the server

# /scripts/upcp --force

I hape with this tutorial and email about tailwatchd failed will resolved

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