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How to Update FreeBSD Software Package

freebsd logoTo Update FreeBSD sofware package and apply security patches, please follow the following step

Step 1: Upgrade FreeBSD ports collection

# portsnap fetch
# portsnap extract

step 2: install FreeBSD portmanager

# cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmanager
# make install clean

Step 3: Check outdated ports list

# pkg_version -vIL=

Step 4: Update FreeBSD packages / software

portmanager -u -l

How do I apply update again?
In order to update system again just type the following command:

# portsnap fetch
# portsnap update
# portmanager -u -l

How do I apply binary security updates for FreeBSD?

Latest version includes a tool called freebsd-update (thanks to Bok for pointing out this tool). The freebsd-update tool is used to fetch, install, and rollback binary updates to the FreeBSD base system.

Fetch updates

Use fetch option to get all available binary updates:

# freebsd-update fetch

Install Update
Install the most recently fetched updates:

# freebsd-update install

Rollback updates

Optional: You can uninstall most recently installed updates:

# freebsd-update  rollback

Ref: www.cyberciti.biz

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