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Install Your Favorite Applications in Ubuntu

This time I will discuss the application instead of the applications commonly used in Windows. Use the Ubuntu Software Center (USC), Synaptic Package Manager or Terminal to install aplikas-application below.

Anti Virus

In Windows there are AVG, Kaspersky is in Ubuntu there are ClamAV and avast!. Install ClamAV (at USC named Virus Scanner).

Install ClamAV

sudo apt-get install clamav clamtk

Run through the application – Accessories – Virus Scanner.

Install Avast

wget http://files.avast.com/files/linux/avast4workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb && sudo dpkg-i avast4workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb

Run Avast via Application – Accessories – avast! Antivirus.


Java is very important to open applications that require Java in the browser. For example, when we will upload photos on the Facebook site.

Install Java

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin equivs


In Windows there is Windows Media Player, Real Player. With multimedia Ubuntu can use VLC, MPlayer. For multimedia applications to run on Ubuntu, it takes a lot of multimedia codecs. Installing VLC and MPlayer will install more multimedia codecs.

Install VLC and MPlayer

sudo apt-get install vlc mplayer

Install Package The Commonly Used

sudo apt-get install gxine libxine1-ffmpeg mencoder ID3v2 mpeg2dec mpg321 vorbis-tools mpg123 libmp4v2 libflac + +6 ffmpeg-0 totem-mozilla lame icedax tagtool EasyTAG id3tool nautilus-script-audio-convert libmad0 libjpeg-progs libquicktime1 flac sox FAAC Faad ffmpeg2theora libmpeg2-4-1 uudeview flac libmpeg3 mpeg3 mpegdemux-utils-0.7.4-dev liba52

Install Gstreamer

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 gstreamer0.10-gnonlin gstreamer0.10 gstreamer0.10-SDL-pitfdll gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10 gstreamer0.10-Schroedinger- plugins-ugly-multiverse totem-gstreamer

More Multimedia Codecs

sudo apt-get install gstreamer-dbus-media-service-tools gstreamer ubuntu-restricted-extras

DVD Support

sudo apt-get install libdvdread4 && sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/./install-css.sh


sudo apt-get install gsfonts gsfonts-x11 flashplugin-nonfree

Set Compiz Fusion

To manage the effects of Compiz Fusion.

Install Compiz Settings Manager

sudo apt-get install simple-ccsm

To run System → Preferences → Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager.

Run Windows Applications With Wine

Wine is an open source software to run Windows applications (. Exe file) in Ubuntu.

Install Wine

sudo apt-get install wine


Firefox 3.6.10 installed by default in Ubuntu 10:10. For other browsers can add many options available through the USC browser. Recommendations Waroeng Ubuntu is Chromium (linux version of Google Chrome) and Arora (lightweight browser).

Install Chromium

sudo apt-get install chromium-chromium-browser browser-L10N

Install Arora

sudo apt-get install Arora

Download Manager

In Windows there is Free Download Manager, IDM. In Ubuntu there is Multiget, Gwget, Uget.

Install Multiget Gwget and Uget

sudo apt-get install multiget gwget uget

Email Client

In Windows there is Microsoft Outlook mail merge, Ubuntu can use Evolution or Thunderbird. Evolution is installed by default in Ubuntu 10:10.

Install Thunderbird

sudo apt-get install thunderbird

Open the Applications – Internet – Evolution Mail and Applications – Internet – Thunderbird Mail/News.

Instant Messaging

Windows has YM, MSN messenger, QQ, AIM, Gtalk, IRC. ‘m On Ubuntu can use Pidgin, Emesene, Empathy. Empathy has been installed by default in Ubuntu 10:10

Install Pidgin

sudo apt-add-ppa repository: pidgin-developers/ppa && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pidgin pidgin-data pidgin-LastFM guifications pidgin-msn-pecan-musictracker pidgin pidgin-plugin-pack pidgin-themes

Open the Applications → Internet → Pidgin Internet Messenger.

Install Emesene (MSN Messenger)

sudo apt-add-ppa repository: bjfs/ppa && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install emesene

Open the Applications → Internet → Emesene.


On Windows you can use Skype, Ubuntu also has Skype.

Install Skype

sudo apt-get install skype

Run through the Applications → Internet → Skype.

PDF Reader

As in the Window, on Ubuntu can also use the Adobe Reader and Evince (the default PDF Reader.)

Install Adobe PDF Reader

sudo apt-get install acroread

Run through the Applications → Office → Adobe Reader.

Music Player

To replace iTunes, Winamp can use Rhythmbox, Banshee, Amarok. Rhythmbox is installed by default in Ubuntu 10:10.

Install Banshee

sudo apt-get install banshee banshee banshee-extension-ubuntuonemusicstore appindicator banshee-extension-extension-lyrics-banshee-extension-mirage

Run through the Applications → Sound & Video → Banshee Media Player.

Install Amarok

sudo apt-get install amarok amarok-common

Run through the Applications → Sound & Video → Amarok.

Hard Disk Partitions Manager

Windows has Symanted Partition Magic, Ubuntu can use Gparted (available by default in Ubuntu 10.10).

Install Gparted

sudo apt-get install gparted ntfsprogs menu ntfs-config

Run through System → Administration → Partition Editor.

Vector Graphics Editor

Windows have Adobe Illustrator. In Ubuntu you can use Inkscape.

Install Inkscape

sudo apt-get install inkscape

Run through the Applications → Graphics → Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor.

Image Editor

Adobe Photoshop is well known in Windows as well with Paint.net. The alternative to this application in Ubuntu is the GIMP and the Pinta.

Install GIMP

sudo apt-add-ppa repository:matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gimp gimp-data gimp-plugin-registry gimp-data-extras

Run through the Applications → Graphics → GIMP Image Editor.

Install Pinta

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:moonlight-team/pinta && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install pinta

Run through the Applications → Graphics → Pinta Image Editor.

3D Graphics Design

Windows has a 3D Studio MAX, Alternative to Ubuntu is Blender.

Install Blender

sudo apt-get install blender

Run through the Applications → Graphics → Blender (windowed).

Text Editor

Windows using Notepad, while in Ubuntu to use Gedit. Gedit is installed by default on Ubuntu 10:10. Run through the Applications → Accessories → Text Editor.


Windows can use Microsoft Office, while Ubuntu has the OpenOffice.

Install OpenOffice

sudo apt-get install openoffice.org

Run through the Applications → Office.

Microsoft Visio

Applications such as Microsoft Visio diagrams in Ubuntu can use the HIM.

Install HE

sudo apt-get install him

Start the HE via Applications → Graphics → He Diagram Editor.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project on Ubuntu can be replaced by the OpenProj.

Install OpenProj

wget http://nchc.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/openproj/openproj_1.4-2.deb & & sudo dpkg-i-2.deb openproj_1.4

Run through the Applications → Office → OpenProj.

Development IDE

To replace Dreamweaver on Windows, use Quanta, Kompozer, NetBeans.

Install Quanta, Kompozer, and NetBeans

sudo apt-get install nvu quanta Kompozer netbeans

Run through:

Applications → Programming → Quanta Plus

Applications → Internet → Kompozer

Applications → Programming → NetBeans IDE

Source Control Management

In Windows using TortoiseSVN, with Ubuntu can use RabbitVCS.

Install RabbitVCS

sudo apt-add-ppa repository:rabbitvcs/ppa && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install nautilus-rabbitvcs

killall nautilus

Open with a right click on the synchronize folders/file to run RabbitVCS submenu.

Graphical FTP clients

Windows has CuteFTP, SmartFTP, on Ubuntu can use FileZilla.

Install FileZilla

sudo apt-get install filezilla filezilla-common

Run through the Applications → Internet → FileZilla FTP Client.

P2P Clients / Servers, File Sharing

For Windows Torrent Applications have uTorrent, Azureus, eMule. In Ubuntu can use the Transmission BitTorrent clien available by default on Ubuntu 10:10.

Open the Applications → Internet → Transmission BitTorrent Client.

Azureus can also be installed in Ubuntu. In using Azureus, make sure it is installed java.

Install Azureus

sudo apt-get install Azureus

Run through the Applications → Internet → Azureus.

CD / DVD Burning Tool

Windows can use Nero, Roxio Easy CD Creator. Ubuntu Brasero and K3b. Brasero installed by default (Applications – Sound & Music – Brasero Disc Burner). But the best tools in Ubuntu Burning is K3b.

Install K3b

sudo apt-get install k3b k3b-data libk3b6

Run through the Applications → Sound & Video → K3B.

Firewall Configuration

When concerned with the security of our computers, Ubuntu has a firewall application that is GUFW.

Install GUFW

sudo apt-get install gufw

Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak allows us to perform our Ubuntu configuration settings, ranging from the install / uninstall applications, clear the cache, setting up compiz fusion, etc..

Install Ubuntu Tweak

sudo apt-add-ppa repository: ubuntu-tweak-testing/ppa && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

Run through the Applications → System Tools → Ubuntu Tweak.

App Runner

App Runner is an application that allows us time to run the program / executable / script in Ubuntu (and other linux distro).

Install App Runner

wget http://hacktolive.org/files/app_runner/App_Runner_0.2.deb && sudo dpkg-i App_Runner_0.2.deb

Then right click on the file -> Scripts -> Run This Run This App or App (root).

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